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We’ve hit a MILLION VIEWS!

truck1A giant thank you to all of our friends, family, and truck driving brothers and sisters who truly are the real Santa Clause of the holiday season, bringing the goods and food to the people of the nation. We salute you! We have hit a tremendous  milestone in the Pure Grain “Truckin Song” video has now over 1 MILLION VIEWS! Thanks to all of you!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Dave Nemo Show, SiriusXM Outlaw Country, and our friends at SiriusXM Freewheelin’ Todd Dills of Truckers News! The TruckerTwotimes Show Trick My Truck Ryan Ryno Templeton brother Rob Richardson (R.I.P.) and On Time Media, LLC We could not have done this without you!

Pure Grain Holidays Deals

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Pure Grain Interview – Dayton City Paper

peach'sgrillposter May 30Like wheat swaying gently in an Indiana prairie breeze, Pure Grain will blow into Peach’s Grill in Yellow Springs this weekend to perform its brand of homespun, feel-good tunes and promote its latest release, Indiana Sun. Fans of country, classic rock and jam bands will not want to miss this eclectic act from Bright, Indiana. – Read the entire interview at : http://www.daytoncitypaper.com/against-the-grain/

Backin The Woods Video Released

HounddogWe are so excited to be releasing our first video from the Indiana Sun CD, “Back in the Woods.” This video was primarily shot on Scott’s farm in southeast Indiana with a bunch of our friends, hanging out riding in the woods, playing music around the fire and drinking a cold one… Pretty much a Sunday edition of Tuesday nights Fish’n Club… Well with a little bit of moonshine mixed. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did making it. Thanks to all of our friends who came out. We shot and edited this video ourselves and though we are no Warner Brothers pictures, We think it turned out pretty damn good and I truly believe we are the first to utilize a basset hound cam in a music video….. The video is already being featured on Yallwire and soon to be on CMT.com.

To Celebrate we are offer an exclusive limited time, limited quantity “Back in the Woods” merchandise Bundle for a discount price that includes Free Shipping! ——————->

Opening for Trigger Hippy 10/30 at Southgate House Revival

southgateWe are very excited to be opening for one of favorite new bands, Trigger Hippy, this month. The show is set for October 30th at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY. Trigger Hippy features Joan Osborne, Jackie Greene, Steve Gorman(Black Crowes), Tom Bukovac and Nick Govrik… This is gonna be a great night of soulful, funky, hippified jams you don’t wanna miss… Tickets are available in advance for $20 and are $25 at the door.

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Rocktober Tour Updates

pumpkinROCKTOBER tour update!!! We are very excited about many great shows all this month taking us from IN, KY, FL and back… . Friday October 10th we will be playing the Ertel Cellars Winery Wine Festival in Batesville, IN then we are heading south down to Bowling Green, KY for the one and only Outlaw Fest 2014 on October 11th with our brothers Dallas Moore Band and many more… The following week we take our maiden voyage to the mighty Flora-Bama in Perdido Key, FL on October 17th and 18th and finally back to Newport, KY to open for Trigger Hippy at the The Southgate House Revival on October 30th! Rocktober indeed! More updates coming soon!

Studio 89 Live Performance 9/15

1507792_10152151569738643_2008938249_nWe are happy to be a part of the WNKU Studio 89 Fall Concert Series. Studio 89 is a live broadcast of a performance in front of a studio audience. The show starts at 7:00pm Eastern Time and will be streamed live on the web at www.wnku.org . For those of you in the WNKU listening area (Cincinnati/Dayton Area on 89.7fm & 105.9fm as well as 104.1 Portsmouth/Huntington WV… We’;ll be playing songs from the new CD Indiana Sun as well as some of your favorites from records past. Tune in and listen!

Country USA Rocked!

Sweet Home Wisconsin

We had a great time in Wisconsin last week! Met some great people and had some sweet jams! Country USA was bigger and better than ever. The week started off with rain early on Tuesday, but quickly cleared and dried up for a beautiful week! Our shows in the North Tent and main stage couldn’t have been more fun! Wisconsin definitely know how to Get Their Head Right! Here is a video recap of the north tent and some pics from the mainstage!Special thanks to our good friends, Dan, Bob and Tom, Dave, Ross, and Larsen, Andy and the backstage gang, Nightshade crew, and everyone at Country USA! Thanks for another great time!


2014-06-26 13.24.35

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Indiana Sun CD Pre-Order

PG_2014_FnlWe are very excited to announce the Pre-Order of our new CD – “Indiana Sun” personally signed by the band as well as our new “Get Yer Head Right” Moonshine shirts and tanks. We are very proud of this recording and had the honor and privilege to record it with legendary producer, friend and mentor Bill Halverson. Bill has worked on some of the most influential recordings of my lifetime like Crosby Stills & Nash, Eric Clapton, Cream, Bill Whithers and so many more. We really enjoyed our time in the Sol Records Studios with him right here in Bright, IN. A first for all of us… Another first is that the new CD was mastered at Mastermix in Nashville, TN by legendary mastering engineer Hank Williams, whose credits include damn near everything out of Nashville you have ever heard and then some, including the recent Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band records. You can order the CD only on our website along with the T shirt and Tank bundles. All orders will ship on Monday June 30th. The CD’s official release will be Tuesday July 8th on Itunes, Amazon and the rest of the universe so you’ll have yours for a discounted price and 2 weeks ahead of the pack.  (Click Here to Order)


****Orders Ship June 30th 2014****

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New Tour Dates

Hey ya’ll we are looking forward to traveling this spring and summer taking the music to the people. We are anticipating our new CD to be released this June and many more updates in works! Check out our Tour dates and see when we are coming to your town. If you have any touring suggestions for places to play, please submit them on our Contact page and we’ll forward them to our booking agent!

In the Studio with a Legend


We are excited to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on our new CD, due out in 2014. Its has been a lengthy process that began on August 12th, but before we get into that, we’ll need a little back story. In July I was introduced to legendary producer Bill Halverson through a mutual friend in town. Bill has recorded some of the most influential recordings of our lifetime including, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Cream, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Bad Company and others. He has assisted on recordings of the infamous Monterrey Pop Fest of 1967, which featured none other than Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and others. Bill has had a adventurous career to say the least that has impacted the lives of millions even though most have never heard of him.

Bill came up from Nashville and visited with me at the Sol Records Studios in  July to discuss his potential involvement in the new Pure Grain recording. Obviously it was an honor just to have him in the same room and to visit our facility in Bright, IN. After meeting we both felt it would be a good working relationship and he agreed to take on the project. Bill had done his homework and was familiar with our sound and past recordings, as well as there short comings… He decided he needed to hear the band live to get a feel for our energy and how we interacted on stage, which was in my mind, a very significant part of our sound. Bill visited our show at our annual hometown Bright Festival to hear us perform on July 26th. I have to admit it was a little intimidating seeing Bill in the audience with a notepad and pen jotting things down as we played. After the show we had a chance to discuss some of his notes regarding the material for the new CD. We later scheduled the sessions for August 12th.

For the next week or so I began setting up the drums and microphones for the sessions and tweaking tones. Bill and I consulted several times over the phone regarding our strategy to make the record. Bill got into town the night before and stopped into the studio to see first hand where things were at. We spent several hours moving microphones around, getting into a groove with each other, and making necessary adjustments to things for the recording. We decided to start at high noon the next day.  IMG_5558

August 12th: Day 1 – I had called on our good friend and former guitarist Ed Bruker to assist in the first day of recording so I could focus on playing drums as opposed to running from room to room getting things going. It was comfortable for the band to work with Ed and he did a good job keeping us moving along on the computer. We spent the day laying down 9 of the 15 tracks we had planned on tracking. We were doing everything live and planned on doing minimal overdubs. Bill was excellent at getting everyone in the spirit of the project and kept us focused and working for about 12 hours.

August 13th: Day 2– As we began day 2 everyone showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed at noon. Ed was unable to assist so I showed Bill how to operate the computer in the studio and he took on the engineer role with myself assisting for day 2. After another 12 hour day we had completed laying down the 15 tracks in the rough, and began listening to and eliminating the ones we didn’t feel were ready. Through the process of elimination we were down to the 11 tracks that will be on the final record.

August 14th: Day 3– We started out doing some vocal overdubs, mainly due to Scott was having some serious allergy issues on Day 1, we then moved onto Courtney and fixing up a couple of things she had on the tracks. We moved onto bass and laid down some of the tracks using his amplifier in conjunction with his direct tone. Bill sure had a way with mic placement. He would move a microphone just inches from its IMG_5603original position and it would have such a dramatic effect on the sound… I was impressed and learning as we went along. We concluded the day with Michelle laying down some of her extra percussion elements, rain stick, chimes, shakers, and such. After our third 12 hour day in a row we concluded the session with Bill until we would do our mixing.

August 19th-25th: The first part of the week, Scotty and I spent around 8 hours each day working on lead guitar solos, and putting some extra touches on the tracks we had already laid down. We brought our brother Chuck Morpurgo from Dallas Moore Band in on the 20th too make some extra contributions to the record. it is always a pleasure to work with Chuck as he is such a talented and gifted guitarist, not to mention a brother in arms from our Sol Records family. Speaking with Bill we had planned to begin mixing the project the following week so I had a lot to do. I spent Friday and Saturday cleaning up and processing the overdubs we had done all week and making decisions as to what would be in the mix. My last hold out for the record was that I wanted some B3 organ on a couple of tracks. My good friend Bob Kennedy was available and actually came out on Sunday to do the deed. Bob did an amazing job as usual and really fattened up a couple of tracks. Some how I had miraculously completed all elements of the record to present to Bill for mixing the following day.

August 26th-28th: Bill got into town late on the 26th and we spent a little time just listening to the changes and additions that had occurred in his absence.  We spent the next 2 days mixing 12 hours each day to complete the project.IMG_5567

In conclusion this was one of the most ambitious and successful recordings I have done in my career. It was amazing to work with Bill and all that I had learned from his many years of experience making the hit records of our lifetime. After a few minor tweaks to the mixes and many a phone consults with Bill I delivered to him the final mixes in Nashville on August 19th. We will be getting the disc mastered as we work on the artwork and other aspects of it over the next month or so. I can’t wait for you all to hear the results of this project. It is really the best record we have ever made. Thank you Bill Halverson for your wisdom and genius contributions to this recording, I am forever grateful!

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-Brian D.