Indiana Sun CD Pre-Order

PG_2014_FnlWe are very excited to announce the Pre-Order of our new CD – “Indiana Sun” personally signed by the band as well as our new “Get Yer Head Right” Moonshine shirts and tanks. We are very proud of this recording and had the honor and privilege to record it with legendary producer, friend and mentor Bill Halverson. Bill has worked on some of the most influential recordings of my lifetime like Crosby Stills & Nash, Eric Clapton, Cream, Bill Whithers and so many more. We really enjoyed our time in the Sol Records Studios with him right here in Bright, IN. A first for all of us… Another first is that the new CD was mastered at Mastermix in Nashville, TN by legendary mastering engineer Hank Williams, whose credits include damn near everything out of Nashville you have ever heard and then some, including the recent Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band records. You can order the CD only on our website along with the T shirt and Tank bundles. All orders will ship on Monday June 30th. The CD’s official release will be Tuesday July 8th on Itunes, Amazon and the rest of the universe so you’ll have yours for a discounted price and 2 weeks ahead of the pack.  (Click Here to Order)


****Orders Ship June 30th 2014****

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