Rusted Root and Pure Grain

Pure Grain and Rusted Root

Pure Grain Promo Pic_webWe are so excited to announce that on Apr 19 Pure Grain will be opening for Rusted Root, at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH. Over the years we have been fortunate to perform with and meet some of our musical heroes. Rusted Root has been a big influence on me and others in the band since they started. Courtney is originally from Pittsburgh so she has had a connection with them being from the same city as Rusted Root. She has seen them numerous times doing some hometown jams. One of the first bands that I toured with also had a big Rusted Root influence. I remember going to see them at Bogarts in Cincinnati around 1994 and being blown away. I became and avid fan of theirs ever since, and also saw them at Horde Fest, on tour with Santana and The Grateful Dead. Being that I’m a drummer and they have so much percussion oriented material it was a natural fit. Rusted Root has a lot of worldly musical influences and it connects to me on that level as well. I studied Brazilian and traditional Afro- Cuban percussion when I was at Berklee and it has remained a big part of my drumming sound.

So as we continue our voyage as a band making our way in this strange new music business era, and after over 20 years of hard work, are finally starting to see some fruits from our labor. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to give up on your dreams… Just stick to your guns and you’ll get there sooner or later. If ya’ll feel like a road trip and want to get to see Pure Grain and Rusted Root, come one down to Cincinnati, and witness the drumzilla extravaganza that is about to take place, and hear a brand new song we just finished for the show… Get Your Tickets now! (Click here for tickets and more info)


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